Our Approach

There are an unending amount of efficiency issues with markets today. Sometimes there is a problem that has gone unsolved simply because it is too narrow to support the large companies that are out there. We specialize in fixing any problem, no matter how large or small, with our software and hardware technicians.

Our Story

Since 2014, we have been servicing international markets with ECommerce, data aggregation, and security sensitive solutions.


Carter W. says: I've known Chris for a long time and it's obvious to me that he's the kind of person who always has a goal in mind that he is labouring tireless to bring to fruition. Always brings a carefully laid plan and hardworking attitude; you can rely on that every time. Chris is the man you want when you need a keen mind with undaunting critical thinking skills.

Stephen S. says: I trusted Chris with my Magic cards in the online store, and although it took some patience for selling them, I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Huxley B. says: Chris handles business in a professional, secure, and transparent manner. I'm always confident that my cards are accounted for, and that my payment methods stay secure.